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Walks - Alcalalí to Parcent

La Vall De Pop enjoys one of the world’s most privileged climates, with mild temperatures and 328 days of sunshine per year. Thanks to the climate, the beaches and the variety of the mountains, many tourists, athletes, and professional cycling, walking and hiking teams choose this area for their workouts and training sessions.

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Walks - Alcalalí to Parcent

Why Visit Alcalalí

Alcalali is set beside the Xalo river some 240m above sea level. It is an area full of contrasting colours set among the vines, the almond trees, orange groves and the imposing mountain ranges. The countryside bears witness to great seasonal changes that are marked by the crop cycles and most notably the sight of almond trees in full blossom during February. Whether you are cycling or on foot, alone or in a group, La Vall de Pop is the perfect vacation.

Why Visit Alcalalí

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  • Recommend if you are looking for a nice overnight stay in this area of ​​Spain Very friendly couple who made every effort to make our stay as attractive as possible. That was also true for the excellent breakfast. Location is also great for cyclists.

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